Premium Resophonic Guitars.  Period.

At Appalachian Guitars, LLC, we have one goal:  To be the best sounding resophonic guitar you can own.  Tom Warner has spent the last 10 years perfecting that sound, and his guitars are affectionately known as Appys.

Tony Langley studied with Tom in his Florida shop to learn every aspect of Tom's design.  Tony's goal is to to take Appalachian Guitars to the "next level," and that is the "Wow!" factor.  Our guitars are not only the best sounding, but we strive to be the best looking guitar, too!  Everyone likes to have that "Wow!" factor when they pull their new guitar out of the case!

We strive to be your source for your next resophonic guitar, and want to be your partners in making your dream a reality!

Stay tuned as we get the website ready, but don't hesitate to call Tony to get your Appy in the works!


Next Steps...

If you'd like to discuss your next reso guitar, email Tony today!